The Extinguishers

We offer a total of three extinguisher models (6l foam, 2kg CO2 and 1kg powder), each of which is suitable for different sources of fire.

At the moment, we are selling 1kg FARA Mini powder extinguishers from our in-house FARA collection in 9 different colors and 4 different prints.

In case of personalization, our customers can select their extinguisher model (foam, Co2, powder) according to their individual preferences and needs.

Our annual limited edition is currently in the making.

All of our extinguishers are handmade and are not mass-produced. We pay attention to the highest quality standards during production. We are thankful for our reliable production partners supporting us.

We prefer to offer less and create quality designs. We stand for quality instead of mass. This makes us different from other suppliers on the market.

FARA Collection

Currently available: FARA Mini 1kg powder extinguishers in 9 colors and 4 patterns.

The Collection

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Personal Designs

Our main business is personalization.

From a simple one-color look to high-quality custom-made products, we can implement (almost) everything.

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Limited Edition

Coming soon …