The Extinguishers

We take care in producing our products to the highest standards. Each extinguisher is designed, processed, and finished by hand. We take great effort in a high value of design standards and even more meeting our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our products are exclusively made in Vienna. All the raw materials origin only from well-established European manufacturers. We heavily rely on our production partners such as our long-established painter, our reliable fire protection engineer, and the incredibly competent crew realizing our packagings – without them we couldn’t even come close to implement any of our designs.

Currently, we offer three types of extinguishers (6l foam, 2kg co2 and 1kg powder) which cover various kinds of fire sources. Besides, the optics is also something to closely keep in mind. Form, function and quality are meant to meet in harmony and align in the most considered way.

With our FARA collections, we are constantly creating our own models, personalization is our main business and we regularly work with local artists and design limited editions.

What’s on the market, right now?

FARA Collection

Currently available: 6l foam extinguisher in NEON Green with FARA lettering in Raspberry / 2kg CO2 extinguisher in NEON Blue with FARA lettering in Green / 1 kg powder extinguisher in NEON Yellow with FARA lettering in Blue

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Our main business is personalization.

From a simple one-color look to high-quality custom-made products, we can implement (almost) everything.

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Limited Edition

Coming soon …