There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! “Wow is the one to aim for”.

We currently work as a team of five. Our two wise investors and advisors, our co-founder and creative head plus two amazing assistants taking care of our administrative matters.

All of our ideas and designs are created from our base studio in the first district, Vienna. Also, we coordinate development, new collaborations, and sales from there.

The greatest amount of time we use to handle our customers’ orders with the best care by collaborating closely with our manufacturers and craftspeople.

One of the parts we love the most about our work, is to create our own collections, to constantly have new ideas, find new ways to realize a design and closely work with local artists.



It is all about testing new methodes, try new forms and packaging designs. The best part is to never know how the outcome is. You create something in your mind – how it is supposed to look like according to your imagination. The outcome might differ from that. In the end, it is about the process of creating.

Collaborations & Events

Afternoon Light New York


Atelier im Ersten Vienna

eco.nova magazine Innsbruck

Buero Butter Vienna

Karl Karner Feldbach

Urban Speed Vienna

Big SEE Product Design Award 2022

Vienna Design Week 2020

Fifteen Seconds Festival 2019