Can I use FARA extinguishers like conventional red fire extinguishers?

FARA extinguisers are pressure devices, which we purchase from well-known European manufacturers. The classic FARA extinguishers are filled with C02 (carbon dioxide) and thus basically suitable for extinguishing class B fires. In addition, we also offer a powder and a foam extinguisher model on request.

Do FARA extinguishers replace the existing fire extinguishers in my company?

According to the legal requirements applicable in Austria, fire extinguishers must be colored red. This distinguishes FARA extinguishers from conventional red fire extinguishers. FARA extinguishers are design objects – with the pleasant side effect of also being able to extinguish fires. However, conventional red fire extinguishers can be replaced under certain conditions. Please contact us for detailed information.

How and where are FARA extinguishers created?

We have high quality standards. FARA extinguishers are painted to a high standard using a special process by our partner company from Vienna, provided with an individual design on request and finished with a matt paint
finish. Each extinguisher is serviced by our fire protection partner and provided with the corresponding inspection badge for 2 years.

What are FARA extinguishers suitable for?

FARA extinguishers are functional design objects. They are suitable as exclusive advertising gifts, as giveaways at events, and especially as branded extinguishers in offices, hotels, and much more. For the private sector FARA extinguishers are stylish as well as useful and possibly life-saving accessories.

How can I order FARA extinguishers?

You can contact us via contact form on our homepage or by phone. Since every single FARA extinguisher is manufactured in an individual design, we require information regarding color and design requirements in advance of every order. As soon as all product details have been coordinated with us, you will receive an offer including the expected delivery time, depending on the desired number of pieces.

How long does it take from the order to the delivery to our customers?

We make every effort to deliver your FARA extinguisher(s) as quickly as possible. However, please note that every single FARA extinguisher that leaves our premises is an individually manufactured quality product. Therefore, the delivery time may vary individual depending on your requirements. As a rule, we deliver – depending on the quantity – your FARA extinguishers in 6 – 10 weeks after receipt of the order directly to your home or to your company.

In which designs can I order FARA extinguishers?

Basically, you can choose the design according to your own ideas. As far as the color selection is concerned, all color combinations of the RAL or NCS color samples are available to you. For special colors or varnishes, please send us a specific request. We will be happy to assist you any time.

Can I use FARA extinguishers for private use (private home, car, etc.)?

YES! Especially in private premises, FARA extinguishers are very well suited and a useful investment. For many residential areas as well as for motor vehicles there are no regulations about the obligatory purchase of a fire extinguisher. As a result, in case of fire, there is usually no fire extinguisher within reach, even though it can be so important and lifesaving.

What is the price of a FARA extinguisher?

Each FARA extinguisher is manufactured according to individual design requests. Therefore, our prices vary depending on the product line and order quantity. Individual pieces tend to be priced high. In return, we can offer significant discounts for large orders. Please send us your request and we will be happy to send you an individual offer. The prices for our FARA collection as well as limited editions can be found under the link prices.

Do FARA extinguishers come in different sizes?

Currently we offer our standard size with a filling quantity of 2kg C02 (carbon dioxide). In addition, you can choose from a 1kg hand-held fire extinguisher (powder) and a 6L foam fire extinguisher. On request we can also manufacture extinguisher models beyond that.

How can I have my FARA extinguisher designed?

We try to implement all customer requests as far as this is technically possible and there are no violations of copyrights or other intellectual property rights. It is important that you give us as much information as possible about your desired design and, if necessary, your logo, its size and placement. For larger quantities, we will produce a sample charging a certain fee, on the basis of which we will produce the desired number of pieces.

Where are FARA extinguishers available?

In the retail trade, FARA extinguishers are only available in selected stores. We are currently offering our own FARA extinguisher collection via the online shop Freudenreich World of Interior. You find the link to the shop in the collection via the category extinguishers.

How can I pay?

For our detailed payment terms, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) link on our homepage.